Friday, November 13, 2009

Dancer Biographies


SHARON BOTT (director, choreographer, dancer) hailing from Ohio, began her performance career in her back yard where she created evening length acrobatics shows on her gym set complete with costumes and smoke bombs. While her choreography was probably a lot more inventive at that time, only her mother appreciated her genius. Since recovering from the reckless abandon of her youth, she has paid Brigham Young University to tell her she knows something by acquiring a nifty BA in Dance, thus officially joining the ranks of other serious artists. While moonlighting as a choreographer and performer for BYU’s Dancensemble, she received a dance department scholarship, presented at the National Dance Education Organization conference, and was published twice in the Dance Writer’s Symposium Journal. Sharon has performed in many venues in Utah as well as in Ohio and Hawaii, and she is anticipating an upcoming residency and performance on Martha’s Vineyard later this season. Her dance studies include classes with Doug Elkins, Bill Evans, Heidi Henderson, Nana Shineflug, Stephen Koester, Lance Westergard, and more. Performance highlights include works by Theresa Duhon, Gertrude Tsutsumi, Betsy Fisher, Pat Debenham, Caroline Prohosky, and many local choreographers. Sharon was a Utah Arts Council Individual Artist Grant recipient in 2005. She has enjoyed teaching modern and swing dance for the past eight years in workshops with local high schools and community organizations as well as at eMotion Dance Studio in Sandy. Sharon is thrilled to have tricked Nannette Bayles into forming Bayles/Bott Dance, thus enabling her to simultaneously throw a great party, relive her teenage angst, and fulfill her secret fancy that life could be a little bit more like a musical. In addition to performing and choreographing, Sharon enjoys social dancing (swing, tango, ballroom), cooking, reading, and laughing at the wild antics of her wonderfully supportive husband.


LINDSEY CHALLIS (dancer) began her training as a gymnast and sometimes feels more comfortable on her hands than on her feet. When she switched from gymnastics to dance at age twelve, she could not understand what was so exciting about dance. There did not appear to be much difficulty or need for strength involved in dance. She has since, obviously, changed her mind and spends most of her time trying to help the students at Timpview High School understand the value of dance. At Timpview, she is the director of the Dance Company, the Competitive Dance Team, and teaches all levels of general dance education courses. She received a Composite Dance Degree from Brigham Young University, emphasizing both modern and ballroom dance. She then returned to BYU to add a dance teaching certification to her degree. While at BYU, she performed with the BYU DancEnsemble for five semesters.

CHANTAL DOWNING (dancer) recieved her BFA in Dance from the University of Colorado in Boulder. While in Boulder she perfomed with 'Skeleton Dance' and was a member of 'Guerilla Butoh Army' both directed by Onye Ozuzu. Chantal is training in Hapkido and is looking forward to the day she can begin training in Haidong Gumdo to be a swords woman. Chantal enjoys teaching, creating food for friends, gardening and playing with her son. In addition to being a performing member of Bayles/Bott Dance, Chantal has created changedowndances, a dance/performance company and she also runs Downtown Dance in Springville.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dance Classes

Bayles/Bott Dance offers bi-monthly advanced modern dance classes at eMotion Dance Studio in Sandy. Our classes are currently on hold, due to other obligations. In the meantime, please support Chantal Downing, one of our dancers and director of changedowndance, by attending her classes. Chantal trained heavily in Colorado, so she brings new perspectives and approaches for our dancing. Her choreography is wonderful, too!

Modern Dance Classes for Adults and Teens
All Levels Welcome! Drop-ins Welcome!
When: Tuesday and Thursday at 7:45
Where: 236 South Main St. in Springville
Call Chantal for more detail: 801-687-2361

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Support Bayles/Bott Dance

WANTED: Volunteers

Looking for a way to support your local arts community?  Bayles/Bott Dance would love to have you on board!  A commitment of just an hour or more can really make a difference.  Among other options, we can provide you with a ticket to one of our shows or a free advanced dance class in exchange for your generosity!  Please contact us at for more information.

Community Partners

Thank you to our community partners.  Without your help, our work wouldn't be possible!

eMotion Dance Studio

The Simple Life Photography

Photo Gallery

Dancers (left to right): Jordan Wonnacott, Chantal Downing, Evita Johnson, Sharon Bott, Lindsey Challis
Photography by Carrie Mann of "The Simple Life Photography"

Dancer: Lindsey Challis

Photography by Carrie Mann of "The Simple Life Photography"

Dancer: Sharon Bott

Photography by Carrie Mann of "The Simple Life Photography"

Dancer: Chantal Downing
Photography by Carrie Mann of "The Simple Life Photography"

Dancer: Sharon Bott
Photography by Carrie Mann of "The Simple Life Photography"